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Our Historic Building

This face-on view of the old Charlotte Street School shows the oldest section of the building, which dates from 1884. It was designed by James C. Dumaresq of Halifax, NS, who also designed the New Brunswick legislature, and Harry H. Mott of Saint John, NB. The original school had six classrooms, three on each floor. An addition to the building in 1916 added two classrooms and an auditorium at the rear, as well as toilets on both floors: girls on one floor, boys on the other. Workmen renovating the old grade one classroom discovered lists of pupils’ names from 1917 on an unerased blackboard underneath the newer slates. From other writing, we know this was posted in November.

Thanks to the generosity of two former Charlotte Street School students: prominent Canadian artist Mary Pratt and her sister Barbara Cross, whose grandmother’s name is written on the blackboards, we have preserved these boards under glass. To date, we haven’t deciphered what the stars after the names signify.

The names on the first board are: Margaret Fordley, Daisy Falles, Janice Fowler, Marguerite Gillis, Elizabeth McLellan, Katherine McMurray, Margaret McMullen, Betty Neill, Jean Palmer, Hester Shute, Marjorie Shannon, Eva Shepherd, Constance Hanson, Marion Johnston, Doris Fuller, Frances Cruikshank, Wayne Bebbington, Stuart Bull, David Crowe, Handford Fowler, Jack Limerick, Ralph Limerick, Gordon Neill, John Randolph, George Sypher, Herbert Smith, Mac Thomas, Roland Ward, Roy Parent and Davis.

On the second board, the names are: Stuart Brownlee, Edward Bell, Donald Day, Edward Edgecombe, Ernest Falles, Brice Gillis, Pat Gunter, Norman McLeod, Billy ??, Donald Smith, Borden Johnson, Louise Colter, Ella Chapell, Geraldine Fulton, Rita Foster, Marjorie Hobkirk, Irene Harrison, Marjorie Malloy, Jean McLeod, Mary Neill, Dorothy Ring and Mabel Smith.

Much more remains to be done. Fund-raising will continue to be a priority for the immediate future. Please see our expansion project page for more information.

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