Miscellany in the Penny Gallery by Laura Watson

January 09, 2017

"Drawing, especially observational drawing, is at the heart of all of my work, however I employ various media, including, pen, pencil, pencil crayon, watercolour, silkscreen and oil paint. I gather imagery from my daily surroundings as well as from folklore and folk music (particularly that of Scottish origin and of Celtic diaspora), mixing the everyday with myth, magic and a lingering, uncertain history. A nagging sense of loss is counterbalanced by a cyclical worldview which provides consolation in opportunities for new growth and new connections. I turn often to the natural world to study processes of decay and regeneration, but I also observe these phenomena in remnants and relics of human history."

"I am intrigued by the ways that I can conjure a sense of magic, through strategies like patterning and careful composition, while depicting the commonplace or the mundane. An assortment of household tools might become objects of sacred, creative power. Pressed flowers might become ghosts of former days. The domestic practice of embroidery might become a kind of witchcraft, an art of stitching whole worlds together. In observing, drawing and collecting, I look closely and carefully, attempting to perceive the cosmic in the microcosmos of my daily life."


Laura Watson is an emerging artist from Georgetown, Ontario, currently living in Sackville, New Brunswick. A graduate from the BFA program at Mount Allison University, she works in drawing, painting, printmaking and embroidery. She disseminates her work for free through an international postal exchange and may or may not be a member of the open drawing collective, The Society of Anonymous Drawers. Laura has previously exhibited her work in Georgetown, Ontario and Sackville, New Brunswick, and will be opening a new exhibition in Moncton, New Brunswick at Gallerie Sans Nom on September 23rd, 2016. She has participated in Flourish festival in Fredericton, Third Shift festival in Saint John and OK, QUOI?! Contemporary Arts Festival in Sackville, and has vended her prints and zines across Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.