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Friday, October 13, 2017
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WANNABE: A Tribute to the Spice Girls!

Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Friday, February 24, 2017 at 5:00pm - 5:00pm

Oil, grease, grime, cold steel, the smell of machinery….DETRITUS:AUTOMOTIVE is an exploration of my visceral acuity. 

Beauty can be both universal and subjective simultaneously; who’s to say where beauty lies?  Finding beauty in the “everyday” is the crux of my new exhibition of photographs taken on location in my mechanic’s garage in New Maryland NB.

This project began while waiting for my car to be inspected one summer morning.  The grease-covered objects lying around the garage began speaking to me, wanting to be regarded once again.  From the garage’s dusty corners, boxes of screws were shouting, an engine taken out of an old Honda whispered, an ephemera of springs yelled “look at me! look at me!” and the grease covered cans stared adoringly.  Their original intentions were no longer of worth, but I felt they wanted/needed me to try to elevate themselves into my new paradigm.  Every bolt would now have newfound importance, each spring now was part of my new automotive “good” and the engines (the behemoths of the garage) would now sit proudly upon plinths telling the world that even in old age, they still serve a purpose (much like my old car “Betsy 2” does) and must be held in high esteem once again.   I, personally as a visual artist, didn’t want to surrender these objects to the vagaries of time without documenting them.

Simple set-ups with simple lighting best showcased my subjects.  The layers of grease, dirt and grime--which usually are an anathema to digital cameras—made my photography all the more fascinating.  Using surgeon’s gloves to shoot and oily rags to degrease my hands made DETRITUS:AUTOMOTIVE a thoroughly enjoyable experience that re-connected me back to my photography and the “small businessman” as never before.

My frames are just as integral to my art as is my imagery, so the use of scrap metal and plastic in this project; all re-purposed, is as fundamental to my vision as the art itself.  My aim is to make my frames compliment the art, never overpowering it.  Metal (copper and aluminum) was the obvious choice of material as it perfectly reflected my images; their dinks, scratches and imperfections are beautiful additions.  The metal used was also considered “scrap”, about to be discarded, so by giving it new life kept the soul of DETRITUS:AUTOMOTIVE alive.

Enjoy my art.  Allow my beauty to become your beauty.


Gary Weekes is a Freelance Professional Photographer currently based in New Maryland NB.  Gary is a portraitist by choice, specializing in Corporate Photography.  In the freelance world his photography has crossed many different genres and he still enjoys everything from people to pets (http://www.weekesphotography.com).  He’s has lived and worked in: London UK, New York City USA, and now calls home New Maryland, NB. Canada.

His first departure from the commercial world was his solo exhibitions: History on our Hands and Icescapes, which were held simultaneously at The Fredericton Public Library in 2016.  Early individual pieces have been sold at street fairs, privately and donated work to local charities. 

Fine Art Photography has always been a part of his oeuvre, and since 2016 he has been vigorously exploring its allure via exhibitions.  He hopes to continue bringing new works to the fore in the very near future.

He teaches photography via: College and University Programs, workshops and he enjoys sharing his vast photographic knowledge via his popular One-to-One Courses.